Jaime, before her first ballet recital. (Photo, Jaime’s Dad)

My life has always been a flurry of activity. When I was young, in addition to learning to ride a bike and blow bubbles with chewing gum, I was learning ballet, playing the piano, singing in choir, and writing papers about Jupiter.

As time passed, my days were mostly filled with academics and ballet, but the desire to explore never ceased. I dabbled in all sorts of things: I was a manager of the girls’ soccer team, wrote articles for the school magazine, joined the Environmental Club, and participated in school plays.

These days I am a full-time interior designer, part-time ballet teacher, writer, and artist (who also loves to run, hike, garden, practice yoga, and play on the beach). I am certainly not alone in my feelings of “I love everything and want to do it all!” Everyone has a plethora of interests and passions – the challenge is to be able to do it all without feeling over-scheduled, or stretched too thin.

I formerly thought that fitting it all in would require me to “create balance” or “find more time.” I’ve come to terms with the fact that the concept of balance doesn’t work for me. Considering the dramatic flux of my schedule, attempting to establish a steady balance of the different areas of my life would ultimately only lead to frustration. And finding more time? After I took a hard look, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t have the time – I just wasn’t embracing it in the best way.

I needed to take smaller bites.

I love meals that are made up of appetizers; there are so many more flavors to revel in. I realized that I needed to take that approach toward my life. I can focus on a few big things, multiple little things, or a combination of both. It doesn’t always have to be a “balanced meal” with the same proportions. Perhaps I am not able to spend the whole afternoon gardening, but I could put a few flowers in a hanging basket. Or I may not be able to take ballet class three times a week like I yearn to, but I can take a few classes a month and still get to experience the joy of it. Things don’t need to happen in big heaping bites to be worth it. The little bites have just as much flavor.

So this blog is a place for me to share my little bites of flavors as I navigate this new attitude. Here I will explore ways of planning ahead to keep things running smoothly, take baby steps toward lofty goals, share my favorite things, brainstorm ideas, and inject more glimmers of adventure and creativity into my life. As Rose Nylund from The Golden Girls would say, “I’m going to go out there and eat life!”

Bon appetit!