Coffee Body Scrub

I finally made a body scrub!

Very Small Bites - Coffee Body Scrub
The coffee … (Photo, Jaime)

I was planning to do a brown sugar / honey scrub first, but then I came across a huge container of coffee grounds that had been put away in the cabinet and sadly forgotten. The grounds were too stale to use for brewing, so voila! The coffee scrub moved to the top of my list.

Here’s what I did:

  • 1 Part Coffee Grounds
  • 1 Part Coconut Oil (I used Spectrum Organic)
  • 2 Parts Epsom Salt (I used CVS brand)

I was planning to use a few drops of essential oil also, but when I was shopping for my epsom salt, the store was out of unscented (I ended up with Green Tea & Chamomile fragranced epsom salt). I was concerned about how those scents would blend with the coffee, and therefore didn’t want to rock the boat further with another essential oil scent.

I put the coffee and epsom salt in a bowl and mixed those first, and then slowly added the coconut oil. It took a bit of effort to get everything blended, but the whole process took less than five minutes. The scents are magical together, by the way … hallelujah!

Very Small Bites - Coffee Body Scrub
The scrub! (Photo, Jaime)

I use this in the shower about every three days (basically, whenever it is the last time I plan to reuse my towel before it hits the laundry bin). The first time I used it, it was a bit disconcerting to see brown liquid running down my arms, but then I realized I was basically brewing coffee on my skin.

The coffee is a fantastic exfoliant, and the magnesium in the epsom salt is a bonus. And the ever-wonderful coconut oil leaves my skin feeling ridiculously soft. I do recommend an extra rinse before leaving the shower, because those coffee grounds are clingy and will want to join you on your day. I also do not use this on my face (just arms, legs, hands, feet, abdomen, and back). The mix should last 2-3 months, and even longer if kept in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

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