Spotlight: Victoria’s Secret Gloss Balm

Very Small Bites - VS Gloss Balm
Good stuff. (Photo, Jaime)

I recently went to Victoria’s Secret with a mission to find a good strapless bra. I realize that is an oxymoron, because there is no such thing as a good strapless bra … they are all uncomfortable and require incessant adjustments the entire time they are worn. But alas, it is a wardrobe necessity and my previous strapless simply had to go. Unknowingly, I arrived for my hunt at Victoria’s Secret during the semi-annual sale, so the store was a frenzy.

After my new strapless was found, tried on, and in my shopping bag, I noticed that one of the deals was a “buy two get one free” special on all VS lipgloss. I was hoping to find three of their flavored glosses (they are ultra-shiny and actually have good flavors). However, they only had two flavors left. So I was “forced” to try one of their gloss balms, which I had not seen before. I selected the “Fearless” color, which in the tube has a crimson-ey chocolate hue. The gloss functions like a chap stick, and has a twist at the bottom to bring the gloss up as it is used.

Very Small Bites - VS Gloss Balm
Sporting the “Fearless” by itself. (Selfie, Jaime)

In a nutshell? This is good stuff. It has a nice texture, is glossy without being sticky (so it is more kissable), and works well by itself or over other lipsticks.

One drawback is that it doesn’t last as long as a sticky gloss. Also, I’m not sure how truly “nourishing” it is. But I use this as a gloss more than a balm, love the look, and it was free … I’ll definitely be back at the next sale to try a few more colors.

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