Fancy Feast – Ultimate Veggie Soup

And I say ultimate because it is a veritable playground of vegetable flavors. Inspired by various recipes I found on Pinterest, I went to the grocery store armed with a long shopping list and with a spring in my step.

As an aside, I love my crock pot, but as of late the only thing I had been using it for was my veggie chili that I make about once a month. I adore soups, and over the last several months, I repeatedly asked myself why I didn’t make them in the crock pot more often. I finally stopped asking and started taking action.

Very Small Bites - Ultimate Veggie Soup
Before (Photo, Jaime)

Ok, back to the grocery store – I rounded up all of my ingredients and scooted on home. I revved up the crock pot and started piling in the ingredients. Here is what I used:

  • (2) 32 ounce cartons of vegetable broth (I used Swansons)
  • (2) tablespoons of chopped garlic
  • (1) small onion, chopped
  • (3) small-ish beets
  • Half of a small bag of baby carrots
  • (2) medium yellow squash
  • (1) bundle of broccoli florets
  • (1/3) bundle of cauliflower
  • (1/3) head of red cabbage, chopped
Very Small Bites - Ultimate Veggie Soup
During (Photo, Jaime)

I was also supposed to add mushrooms, grape tomatoes (cut in half), and part of a baby kale/baby spinach mix, but alas, my crock pot was not large enough to include those, so they were saved for another day.

As the soup was simmering, I was admittedly concerned. The onion seemed to have completely dominated the flavor of everything. And I wasn’t sure there was enough of the broth to soak into everything. But the crock pot worked its magic as always, and the soup ended up being dramatically better than hoped. The beets ended up taking over the color, and a bit of the flavor, but the beets became a nice backdrop for the other veggies both visually and with flavor. My husband and I both loved it, and decided it was ultimate enough to keep on the list. Bon Appetit!

Very Small Bites - Ultimate Veggie Soup
After! And yes, that is homemade wheat bread with butter on the side … *insert heart-eyed emoji here* (Photo, Jaime)

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