Crafts – More Thanksgiving Decor!

When I was scrounging for the Thanksgiving pieces to make our door hanging (click here), I knew I wanted to make something for our table also. I picked up a few gold things here, leaves and faux flowers there, and a few baskets from over there. One major piece of the puzzle was still missing, however: the elusive faux pumpkin.

No one had any left.

Until I was in Target and stumbled across one of the last (of two) faux pumpkin emblazoned wreaths which I could take apart. So with all the pieces in place, I fired up the glue gun again, and made two arrangements for our table.

Thanksgiving Arrangement, Step 1 - Very Small Bites
The about-to-be-destroyed wreath. Luckily, the pumpkins came off the wreath very easily!
Thanksgiving Arrangement, Step 2 - Very Small Bites
I chose 6″ x 6″ plain baskets for my base.
Thanksgiving Arrangement, Step 3 - Very Small Bites
I filled the basket with gold sprayed pinecones, and then layered in faux flowers and berries.
Thanksgiving Arrangement, Step 4 - Very Small Bites
I used the leaves off of the faux flowers around the edges.
Thanksgiving Arrangment, Step 5 - Very Small Bites
Pumpkin time! I also added more faux leaves, etc. and a little more shimmer. I only needed to hot glue a few of the pieces to keep everything in place.
Thanksgiving Arrangment, Final Step - Very Small Bites
Et voila! Two festive arrangements for our table on Thursday. Stay tuned to see them in place on the big day! (All photos, Jaime)

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