Crafts – Thanksgiving Decor

I realized yesterday, while digging through storage bins trying to find my various pieces of Thanksgiving decor, that I needed another Thanksgiving door hanging. Well … needed is a bit of an exaggeration. The living room door is where the lone Thanksgiving wreath I already had typically went, while our other two exterior doors remained bare. Because we also use the kitchen door on a daily basis, it seemed only fair that the kitchen door should have something to spruce it up for the season as well.

After considering a few different possibilities, I settled on a wooden sign or plaque of some kind. With no specific plan or agenda in mind, I headed to Michael’s (naturally) to see what Thanksgiving inspiration I could glean from the aisles. As I walked in, it was a definite surprise to find that Michael’s had already been entirely consumed with Christmas decorations. The only items that were remotely Thanksgiving-esque were on three sadly disheveled shelves that were dubbed “Clearance Fall Items.”

I readily accepted the challenge of finding non-holiday and Christmas items that could be used together in such a way that would result in something clearly Thanksgiving-ey. Here is what I came home with:

– A wooden wall hanging (plain) painted white

– Metal letters with various antiqued finishes

– Burlap ribbon

– Gold pinecones

– Gold faux berries and leaves

– Gold sparkly ribbon

Thanksgiving Door Hanging Letters - Very Small Bites
The metal letters. (Photo, Jaime)

First things first, I fired up my glue gun. I then arranged the letters on the wood (without gluing them) to figure out the arrangement. Because I didn’t want to make any markings on the wood at all, I used string to create a straight line to guide the letters; using a ruler, I placed the string an equal distance from the corners on each side to ensure the line was straight. I then hot glued all of the letters securely in place.

Thanksgiving Door Hanging In Progress - Very Small Bites
Using the string as my guide. (Photo, Jaime)

It was then time to create the burlap bow. I first placed a length of burlap about 12″ long down on the table; I then created a burlap loop that when laid flat (raw ends down), was about 8″ long; I then created another smaller burlap loop that was about 6″ when laid flat. I made sure that the raw ends of the burlap on the bottom of each loop overlapped each other.

Thanksgiving Door Hanging Bow Prep - Very Small Bites
Prepping for the burlap bow. (Photo, Jaime)

Once all of these burlap pieces were stacked, I pinched the center of the entire stack and tied it with gold ribbon. All I had to do thento create the bow effect was to fluff up the loops and pull the tails down to get everything in place.

Thanksgiving Door Hanging Bow - Very Small Bites
The gathered and tied bow. I cut a “V” into the ends of the tails for a little flourish. (Photo, Jaime)

I attached the bow on the upper corner, and then embellished the other open area of the wood plaque with the leaves, pinecones, and berries. Thank goodness for hot glue!

Thanksgiving Door Hanging Sparkle - Very Small Bites

Et voila! A new Thanksgiving piece for our kitchen door.

Thanksgiving Door Hanging - Very Small Bites
In place on our door! (Photo, Jaime)

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