Tutu Tuesday Tips – October

Every Tuesday, I put together ballet tips in honor of Tutu Tuesday. These “do’s and don’t’s” will be shared on Instagram right away, and I will be compiling a monthly recap of them here. Check out October’s tips below!

Tutu Tuesday Tip 1 - October - Very Small Bites

Resist the Twist: It’s critical to make sure that when standing in any ballet position, the feet aren’t twisted too far in an effort to force a more “turned out” position. In the photo on the left, I show how the over-twisting of my feet causes a domino effect of issues: feet rolling in; knees bent and pitched forward; tailbone out; and lower back arched. In the photo on the right, my feet are placed so that my legs are able to lengthen and rotate correctly, I am able to use my abs and glutes to keep my pelvis in alignment, and my back is lifted and long. It is a more stable (and non-damaging) position that is a much better starting point for any movement.

Tutu Tuesday Tip 2 - October - Very Small Bites

Tendu Devant:  It is necessary to keep the energy of the tendu extending all the way from the hip down through fully pointed toes. If the energy is lacking, the tendu droops and the foot ends up sickling (as shown in the photo on the left). When the tendu is done with full energy through the leg and foot, the ankle stays lifted (as shown in the photo on the right).

Tutu Tuesday Tip 3 - October - Very Small Bites

Cross It: It is very important not to let tendu devant or tendu derrière “wander” toward à la seconde (as shown in the photo on the left). Devant and derrière should be directly in front of the center line (as shown in the photo on the right).

Tutu Tuesday Tip - October - Very Small Bites

Rotate:  In à la seconde, it is important to ensure that the leg is not past the centerline. When the leg gets too far past the “side,” it begins to turn in and the upper body starts to pitch forward (as shown on the left). When the leg is placed in the proper location to the side, both turnout and alignment improve (as shown on the right).


Yay, ballet!


If there is a specific step or position that you would like to get tips and advice on, please let me know! Feel free to ask in the comments.

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