Babes Who Brunch

My schedule being what it is, between work and ballet, my actual free time is limited. After an exceptionally busy summer, I realized that I hadn’t seen several of my friends in quite some time, and I missed them! At least tangentially inspired by the Sex and the City ladies’ Saturday brunches, I reached out to several of my lady peeps to see about putting together a monthly brunch. I created a group on Facebook, named it Babes Who Brunch (Ladies Who Lunch’s cousin …), and created the first event.

The overall concept is to have brunch at a different location each month (to try new local spots and to vary the amount of travel for everyone), and it is always an open invitation. If five people can make it, awesome; if one person can make it, equally awesome. In addition, every month has a focus on a local non-profit. As part of the event page, I’ve been including each non-profit’s wish list of items they need the most. Everyone then brings to the brunch whatever type and amount of a donation they are comfortable with, and it is all then taken to the non-profit. Every little bit helps!

BWB 1 - Very Small Bites
The first Babes Who Brunch event! (Photo, our server)

Our first brunch was in August, and the non-profit was the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia. Three babes (and one brand new baby!) were in attendance at Tupelo Honey, a brunch spot that was new for all of us. We had such a great time! We were also able to contribute a bag full of nonperishable food and a monetary donation to the food bank.

BWB 2 - Very Small Bites
The babes at Citrus! (Photo, our server)

September’s brunch was at a well-known local restaurant, Citrus. It was initially a bit of a jumble, however. The first location we tried had a 45 minute wait, and there were five of us. They offered to reserve a table for us at their second location (about 10 minutes away), so we jumped on it. Unfortunately, there was still a 20 minute wait at the second location, even with our “reserved” table … once we finally got seated though, it was wonderful. The Virginia Beach SPCA was the non-profit focus for September; cleaning supplies, computer monitors, shredded paper, new (empty) prescription bottles, food, litter, and monetary donations went to the SPCA that weekend.

Yesterday was the October brunch, and there were two of us. We went to a rather new brunch location in the Pungo area, The Bee and the Biscuit. I had only heard rave reviews of the place, and I was definitely not disappointed! My friend Anne and I (who I’ve known since we were seven years old) had a wonderful time catching up and the food was scrumptious. The Samaritan House was October’s non-profit (as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month), and even though not everyone was able to attend the brunch, several still contributed clothing, children’s items, kitchen supplies, and toiletries to the Samaritan House.

Since we are now heading into the holiday season, the next brunch will be the “Holiday Edition.” Stay tuned, Babes!




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