Fancy Feast – Homemade Bread

We are a brazenly bread-loving household. And we had spoken for a long time about starting to make our own bread, for both health benefits and cost savings. My husband spear-headed the efforts, and made a loaf using our mixer and baked it in our not-so-consistent oven. Unfortunately, that inconsistency made the process very difficult. The bread was still a success, but having to check the oven every 3 minutes to make sure it hadn’t set itself on broil (which it did on several occasions) was beyond tedious.

My husband then started researching bread makers, which would eliminate the wonky oven issue altogether. He found a model from the same company as our fantastic rice cooker (Zojirushi) and decided to go for it. The bread maker arrived on Thursday, and he made the inaugural loaf the next day. It was delicious! A nice fluffy center and crispy crust. The two of us went through it in three days …

Sunday night, Nathan made another loaf for us to have for our lunches this week. The bread maker really makes the entire process so effortless and mess-free. The recipe he used came with the bread maker, and involved water, flour, salt, sugar, butter, evaporated milk, and yeast. Everything gets placed in the loaf pan, nestled in the bread maker, and the rest is magic. Bring on the carbs!

Bread 1 - Very Small BitesBread 2 - Very Small BitesBread 3 - Very Small BitesBread 4 - Very Small BitesIMG_0938 (1)IMG_0939 (1)

Bread 8 - Very Small Bites
Part of the process: the loaf pan, the flour, the salt, the butter, the yeast, after the dough finished rising, and after the first slice was cut. (All Photos, Jaime)

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