Spotlight: Brutal Kittens Mugs

No mug collection is complete until you have one of these …

Brutal Kittens - Very Small Bites
My new favorite mug. (Photo, Jaime)

Not a Metallica fan? Don’t worry! There is a mug for you! The Brutal Kittens site has a plethora of cat-ified metal bands’ goodies. Their main page shows the T-shirts, but once you find the band of your choice, you can click on the T-shirt and you’ll be directed to the page of that band/album where you have the option to select various items from a drop-down menu.

My husband came across this originally and got this Catallica mug for me. And I just about fell over when he showed me the site; they are just too awesome. I think I’m either going to get the “Hiss” or “Red Hot Kitty Litter” mug next …

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