Fancy Feast – Homemade Pizza

Earlier this week, my husband and I were chatting about the upcoming three day weekend and brainstorming plans. I proposed the idea of trying out a new recipe one night, and Nathan suggested making pizzas from scratch. We received an awesome stand-up mixer as a wedding gift, and we hadn’t yet used it to make dough.

Nathan found an easy whole wheat pizza dough recipe online (that was actually the name of it – Easy Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe), so away we went to the grocery store to get all of our ingredients.

Fancy Feast Pizza 1 - Very Small Bites

The main ingredient for the crust. (Photo, Jaime)

I, unfortunately, cannot eat any dairy (and soy cheeses leave so much do be desired) so for my pizza, I came up with a cheese-less topping combo that included pasta sauce, broccoli, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, Boca faux “ground beef,” and basil (from our potted garden). Nathan elected to have a Caprese style pizza with olive oil, fresh mozzerella, roma tomatoes, and basil (also from our garden).

Fancy Feast Pizza 2 - Very Small Bites

My vegetarian pizza with faux beef. (Photo, Jaime)

Fancy Feast Pizza 3 - Very Small Bites

Nathan’s Caprese Pizza (Photo, Jaime)

Nathan made the dough, let it rise, and arranged it into two small pizzas on parchment paper (on a cookie sheet). We placed our ingredients, and baked the pizzas for about 18 minutes. The parchment paper kept the crust nice and crisp, and it had a great flavor and texture. We both loved our pizzas (and ate every bite of them). We were still talking about them this morning, which is definitely a sign of a good meal.


What is on your menu this Labor Day weekend?

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