Spotlight: d:fi d:struct

My hair was very short for most of my twenties. At that time I was living in Chicago, and was in interior design school. While in school, I worked full time as one of the Salon Coordinators for the Chicagoland-based Art + Science Salon and was introduced to this amazing product, d:struct.

d:struct - Very Small Bites

#styletoparty (Photo, Jaime)

I used it exclusively back then – a) because I loved it and b) because my salon sold it. After moving to Virginia and growing my hair out (and keeping it long for years), I stopped using it; I had transitioned to the world of conditioning lotions and styling sprays.

This April, I chopped all my hair off again and the products I had on hand just weren’t thrilling me – my short hair didn’t respond to them the way my long hair had. My thick hair has tons of texture and is curly in the sense that it likes to curve all different directions. So I went on a search mission and found my beloved d:struct again.

How I Use It:

– I towel dry my hair and put it on my hair while it is still damp.

– I put it in the palm of my hands, and then lightly comb through my hair with my fingers starting at the bottom of my head (by my neck) and then working my way up and over my head. This keeps me from getting too much in one spot.

– After much of it is off my hands, I scrunch the ends of my hair with whatever remains.

– I use a diffuser for a few minutes to get some of the dampness out and encourage some extra curl, and then let my hair air dry from there.

Why I love it:

– It smells better than any hair product I’ve ever used. If it came as a perfume, I’d swim in it.

– It is a very sticky cream, which seems negative at first, but it has the perfect balance of hold and pliability.

– It holds like gel but without the stiffness. I can touch my hair without actually feeling the product in it.

– It keeps my hair from frizzing and poofing.

– My hair smells like it all day. Can you tell I’m in love with the scent?

– I only need one small dollop at a time, which means one container will last a very long time.

Oh, how immensely thankful I am to be reunited with my d:fi love.


Any other good short hair products I should know about?

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