This has been a summer of smoothie fun. My hubby and I got a Ninja individual smoothie blender a few months ago and it has changed our lives (well, mine anyway). The blender we had previously was such a tedious beast to use. It would get stuck on the smallest piece of fruit and would need to be stirred several times during the blending process. Which resulted in a mess and a hassle. Now, the Ninja blazes through frozen fruit like a breeze, and the whole event is quick and easy.

Smoothie 1 - Very Small Bites

Yummy fruit! (Photo, Jaime)

Today’s smoothie recipe:

– 1 Cup of a frozen fruit blend from my grocery store (this one is strawberry, pineapple, mango, peach, and red grape)

– 1/2 of a ripe banana

Shaklee's Life Energizing Shake - Very Small Bites

(Photo, Jaime)

– One Scoop of Shaklee’s Life Energizing Shake (the dairy-free/soy-free version) for extra protein

– 1 Cup of plain soy milk

And that’s it! It tasted fantastic, and was gone in a flash. Yay, smoothies!

Smoothie 2 - Very Small Bites

Such a great color! And yes, I drank it out of a pint glass. (Photo, Jaime)

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