Vacay Crafts – Dream Chime

One of the perks of the resort where I am is that they have activities that anyone staying here can partake in. So my crafty mom and I read the activity list and discovered a session on learning how to make a dream catcher. Neither of us had made one before, and had always wanted to.

It is believed that the dream catcher, a tradition of some Native American cultures, is able to capture bad dreams when it is hung near the bed while sleeping. The dream catcher is made with a hoop, has a web of thread or yarn, and is decorated with feathers, beads, ribbon and more. It is thought that nightmares are not able to make their way past the web and remain caught, while good dreams can filter through, and then travel down the ribbons and feathers to the dreamer.

We arrived to the Recreation Center and were surprised by two things: that the session was being held in the same (small) room as a ping pong table and pool table, both actively being used, and that we were two of the three total people participating. The host/instructor approached us, we confirmed that we were indeed there for the session and then made our way to a table at the end of the ping pong table.

We were given the glue gun, scissors, metal hoop, and yarn needed to begin, and away we went. It was quite an adventure as we were either being hit by a ping pong ball or forced to put down our handiwork to retrieve the ball from under our feet every few minutes … it was quite comical actually (I was hit in the shoulder and back of the head, and my mom was actually hit in the face). In between hits, I chose beach-themed components (surprise) which comprised of blue and tan yarn, shells, and blue and beige beads.

Vacay Crafts 1 - Very Small Bites

My yarn loop and the beginning stages of the wrap. (Photo, Jaime)

Any-whoo, the first step was to make a loop with the yarn at the top (I tied a knot around the hoop for extra security) and then I glued the loop in place. Next I wrapped the entire hoop with yarn, making sure to keep the yarn taut and close together. I decided to use the blue yarn for this. After the entire metal ring was wrapped, I cut and glued the end in place at the same spot where I started.

Vacay Crafts 2 - Very Small Bites

My wrapped hoop and soon-to-be-added shells. (Photo, Jaime)

I’m a planner, so before I made the web, I laid out all of the shells and beads that I planned to hang from the bottom to see if it would work out (I elected to use shells instead of feathers). Then the weaving of the web began. I had no plan for that; I simply glued the end of the beige yarn to start, and then wound the yarn around the outside of the hoop in different directions. A pattern began to emerge, so I elaborated on that a bit.

Vacay Craft 3 - Very Small Bites

The finished web. (Photo, Jaime)

Vacay Craft 4 - Very Small Bites

The planning of the shells and beads. (Photo, Jaime)

I ended up putting the shells on the same beige yarn as the web, and then the beads on a smaller blue thread. I had five hanging elements all together, three with shells and two with beads. For the shell strings, I tied each shell individually at intervals along the overall length. For bead strings, I started with a shell at the bottom for weight, and then I knotted the thread below and above each bead grouping so that they would not move.

Vacay Craft 5 - Very Small Bites

The tied shells. (Photo, Jaime)

I then placed the strings on the bottom of the hoop so that the shells and beads alternated. I had a few beads left over, which allowed me to have a short hanging piece in the top area of the hoop.

Vacay Crafts 6 - Very Small Bites

My dream chime. (Photo, Jaime)

I have been calling this my dream chime because after it was finished, I happily realized that the way the shells were hanging created a shell chime sound.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this, and spending this time with my mom. I can definitely see myself creating another dream chime sooner than later.




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