Workout Week – August 7th

I’m on vacation!!! Which means I actually have more time to get outside and get moving. Amidst the sunbathing on the sand, hanging out with the family, and chipping away at my Book Challenge, I will be running, walking, cycling and yoga-ing.

Stormy Skies - Very Small Bites

From my stormy walk this morning. (Photo, Jaime)


Yoga class at the local studio
8 mile stationary bike ride

Core, and mini-yoga flow at “home”

30 minute walk, followed by ballet stretches
2-3 mile run, followed by ballet stretches

Oh, I love vacay!

2 thoughts on “Workout Week – August 7th

  1. Julie Luetke says:

    Our vacation starts on Wednesday of next week. A log home in Duluth on Lake Superior!!!! All six days with super good friends Tim and Betty Giles from Florida. Nathan knows them well.
    Enjoy your break from normal routines.


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