Workout Week – July 31st

This past week I finally strapped on the ballet slippers and got my plié on. AND I conquered my first trail ride on my road bike! I was definitely hesitant at first – but after we hit the halfway point and turned around to go back, I let myself chill out and actually enjoyed hitting the bumps and sliding on some of the mud.

Ballet 1 - Very Small Bites

In one of my favorite places … (Selfie, Jaime)

This week we will not be able to do a long ride so I’m going to make up for it with more running. I say that now …


  • 30 minute walk, followed by ballet stretches
  • Yoga class
  • 5 mile ride
  • Ballet class!!


  • Ballet stretches, core, and mini-yoga flow at home
  • 4 mile run, followed by ballet stretches


Let’s do this!

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