We Actually Have Veggies!

I am in no sense of the word a gardener. Until recently, my track record with plants in general has not been a good one. Most of the house plants I’ve owned have shrunken into a sadly withered mess, and many of the flowers I’ve attempted to grow on the patio have either fried in the hot sun or I dumped them thinking they were dead when actually they were just dormant. (I basically have no idea what I’m doing).

However, I do currently have a house plant, a small orchid, and a paper white that have been thriving for the past several years, so I thought that perhaps my thumb is actually turning green, and perhaps it is time to wing it and try to grow some actual veggies. Nathan, thankfully, grew up in a family of gardening masters, which gave me bit more confidence about the whole endeavor.

We live near the beach, so the yard around our apartment building is not conducive to an actual garden (it’s more sand than soil); we therefore elected to try a few things in pots. Like I said, this is new territory for me, so I truly I thought our first round of plants would die immediately. We started small, because there isn’t a whole lot of spare time in our schedules for much maintenance. We decided on two cherry tomato plants, and two Serrano pepper plants (for Nathan, of course – I won’t go near anything spicy).


The Cutest Tomato! - Very Small Bites

Isn’t this the cutest tomato ever? (Photo, Jaime)


Peppers, Peppers, Peppers - Very Small Bites

Peppers and more peppers! (Photo, Jaime)

The peppers have exploded, and the tomatoes just started turning red this week. Nathan actually used one of the peppers in his pho tonight! And as intimidated as I was when I first planted these, it has been beyond easy to take care of them. We water them every day that is not cloudy or rainy; every few days, I pluck off any leaves that have faded and make sure no bugs are wreaking havoc. And that’s it!

I am very much looking forward to a cherry tomato and basil salad! Only a few more days …

Red Tomato - Very Small Bites

I see you! (Photo, Jaime)


What is in your garden? Any recommendations on what to plant next?

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