Workout Week – July 17th

I came kinda close to hitting my workout goals this past week; I missed yoga yesterday and we didn’t do our weekly ride today. But there is a big reason for that – my husband was in a car accident yesterday (someone blasted through a red light and T-boned him). He is thankfully fine (a bit tossed around and headachey) but his car definitely isn’t. So this weekend’s plans got shifted. I’m just so glad he is okay.

Post-Run - Very Small Bites

After a toasty run. (Photo, Jaime)

My plans for this week are similar to last week, but I have a different work schedule so I need to adjust accordingly.

30 minute walk, followed by ballet stretches
Yoga class
5 mile ride

Ballet stretches, core, and mini-yoga flow at home
3 mile run, followed by ballet stretches


Let’s rock!


What’s on your list for the week? 


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