Spotlight: Lola Organic Feminine Care

Yes, this post is about tampons.

I realize that this blog is new, and we are just getting to know each other, but I’m going to go ahead and get personal right up front and announce that my very first order from Lola arrived this week! Woot!

In a nutshell, Lola is a company that features 100% cotton organic tampons and pads available by subscription; click here for their website. They have tampons with or without applicators (the applicators are BPA-free plastic), ultra-thin pads, and ultra-thin liners. They also have a “First Period Kit” for young ladies that has a little bit of everything, which I think is an absolutely stellar idea.

Lola Organic Tampons - Very Small Bites

My assortment! (Photo, Jaime)

The subscription process is a breeze: I created my account, selected the items I wanted to receive, set up the payment, and determined how often I wanted my order to ship. The boxes of tampons come in quantities of 18, and I was able to designate how many of each level of absorbency I needed (they have light, regular, super, and super +). I elected to have my order ship at the same time every month.

Once the options are established, it is very easy to log back in and make changes (item quantities, shipment frequency, etc). It is a slightly higher price point than mainstream feminine product brands, but for me it’s worth it to know that I’m using a product that is significantly healthier for my body, and that ships right to my door. I’m definitely a fan!


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