Workout Week – July 10th

My goal for the summer was to be more consistent with my workout/exercise agenda.

Honestly? So far it is not going well.

July 10th - Very Small Bites

It’s time to get these feet moving! (Photo, Jaime)

I was plugging along okay (ish), started cycling, etc, but I was bitten last weekend by an especially evil mystery fly/mosquito. I was left with horrific bites near my ankle that caused such a strong reaction in my skin that my entire foot swelled up for a week. My workout plan therefore flew right out the window. Today was the first day that I could actually see the shape of my foot, and I was able to go on a 10 mile bike ride with my hubby this morning with no foot pain.

Because my schedule got so wonky, I’ve decided to treat this as a fresh start. I’ve rearranged everything a bit, and have new goals. Here is what is on the menu for this week:


30 minute walk, followed by ballet stretches

Yoga class

5 mile ride

12 mile ride


Ballet stretches, core, and mini-yoga flow at home

3 mile run, followed by ballet stretches

I’m excited to make this happen! Ready, Set, Go!


What is on your workout agenda this week?

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