Farmers Market Flowers – Lilies

One of the main reasons that I go to my local farmers market is to buy flowers. I go for the fruits and veggies too, of course, but the flower booth always has a stunning selection of blooms to choose from. And the flowers are sold by the single stem, so it is especially easy to mix and match.

This week at the market, the lilies were bold and beautiful, and totally stole the show. I suppose I should tell you now that lilies are my favorite, so they basically always steal the show for me. There were several varieties available, but what got my attention first were the Callas; most of them were white, but there was one lovely rosy-tipped stem left, so I snatched it up right away. And then I found large white lilies that had a beautiful sprinkling of deep magenta freckles on the petals. I typically gather multiple colors for an arrangement, but I was really feeling this magenta color flow so I went with it, and found three stems of cute magenta pom-style flowers (that I honestly don’t have any idea what they are – if you recognize them, I’d love to know the name!). I loved how the shape and visual texture contrasted with the two types of lily.


Those three types of flowers were all this arrangement needed; the leaves of the freckly lilies are so vibrant that I didn’t feel the need to add more greens. So simple and still so lovely. Oh, I can’t wait for the rest of the buds to open!


Though lilies are my favorite, they are unfortunately extremely toxic to pets. When creating arrangements with lilies, it is important to keep all petals and leaves away from pets (sometimes pieces scatter when cutting and trimming the flowers, so it’s a good idea check the area when finished to make sure all is clear). Once the arrangements are done, I keep my lilies up high, and far out of reach of my kitties.

What is your favorite flower? 

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