Cycling, Here I Come!

Until recently, my cycling experience had only consisted of beach cruiser ramblings and recumbent bike workouts. So when my cycling-expert hubby and I started chatting about cycling together (and getting something better than my squeaky, rust-covered beach cruiser to ride), I realized it was time to kick up my training a notch.

My current workout plan includes two 30 minute stationary bike rides per week at the gym. My first step was to switch from the recumbent bike to the regular one so my position would be more like a road bike. That first workout was certainly a wake up call to my sit bones (insert wide-eyed emoji here). I realized that I needed to abandon the recumbent bike completely to get ready for the road.


I always bring a book, but I’m only able to read during the 80’s RPM sections. Those 90’s and 100’s require me to set down the book and get serious. (Photo, Jaime)

Though I’m not able to add any more rides to my workout schedule at the moment, I’m attempting to build up strength in other ways. Within my 30 minute ride, I’m working on increasing my speed. I begin the first 5 minutes in the 80 RPM range, then the next 5 minutes are in the 90’s. The middle section is where I focus on maintaining 100-105 RPM for several minutes; it started at 5 minutes and I’m now up to 9 minutes. Then I bring it back down to the 90’s, and the final 5 minutes are in the 80’s followed by a few extra minutes of cool down.

And it’s working! In the beginning, I had to constantly focus on maintaining that 100-105 speed and had to chant a mantra in my head to finish the 5 minutes. Now I don’t have to really start focusing until the 7 minute mark. Once I can comfortably reach the 12 minute mark, I’m going to start upping the ante with higher resistance (right now it’s in the low/mid range).

I will have my actual road bike hopefully within the next week, so I can start practicing my shifting and braking out on the pavement (wish me luck!). My first official cycling adventure with the hubs is the end of August, so I have two months to get my butt in gear. Literally!


If you have any cycling training tips, I’d love to hear them! Happy pedaling!

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