Tea for One

Sometimes, I need to make some hot tea and chill out.

As much as I love my lattés, I am definitely more of an herbal tea girl. (Side note – I drink all things decaf because caffeine and I do not get along). I started drinking decaf green tea a few years ago because I read somewhere that it was good for me. Loaded with antioxidants, it helps stabilize blood sugar and blood pressure, reduces allergies, boosts metabolism … the list goes on. So I started drinking green tea every day the same way I take my vitamins; it was more for the health part than the enjoyment part. But then that started to shift …


Decaf Green Tea in a mug crafted by my Uncle Beau. (Photo, Jaime)

My days can get so hectic (running from meeting to meeting, from job site to job site, from office to ballet studio), that I don’t get a chance to sit and be still. And most of the time, that’s a good thing. The flurry of activity is invigorating. I like being on the move; I’ve been on the move since I could crawl. But then sometimes, I need to stop. Stop everything.

So I do.

I make some tea, grab a magazine, sit in the chair by the window in my office at home or snuggle up with one (or both) of our kitties on the sofa in the living room and stop moving. Stop talking. Stop planning.

I can breathe, let my shoulders release, and stay still. All the bustling and bouncing thoughts and ideas and questions and to-dos and don’t-forget-to-call-thems slow down. I can enjoy my tea and actually taste each sip, explore the colors in my sweet kitties’ eyes and take in the crispness of the blue sky outside. And when my tea is gone, I’m clearer. Fresher. Even though my tea time may only be for 15 minutes, it’s such a nice slice of calm.

I realized that somewhere along the line, my tea drinking shifted from “vitamin taking” to a chance to relax. It’s about much more than the tea. I have discovered that green tea really is good for me, in ways far beyond my expectations.


My other favorite flavor is Ginger; what are your top three teas?


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