My Ballet Bag

In order for me to achieve ballet class / rehearsal preparedness, it is critical for me to have these particular essentials in my ballet bag at all times. I only take them out while using them, and as soon as I’m done, they go right back in the bag and stay there. I learned the hard way that if they are not returned immediately, they would inevitably be forgotten in the chaos of getting out the door the next day and I’d be SOL before pointe class when I desperately needed that toe tape …

And even though I am teaching more than I am actually dancing these days, I always have these items with me:


– Bobby Pins (at least 20)

– Hair Pins (in two sizes)

– Hair Net (package of two)

– Mini Brush

– Travel Size Hairspray


– First Aid Tape (white, about 1/2″ wide – to protect toes from blisters)

– Band-Aids (variety pack)

– Neosporin

– Nail Clippers

– Nail File

– Toe Toppers (they are officially called “Protective Toe Tips” but I like the sound of Toe Toppers more)

– Extra Sock Toes (instead of gel pads or lambswool pads, I cut off the toe section of athletic socks and use them to cover my toes inside pointe shoes)


– Dental Floss (white, no flavor – this is tougher than thread and works well to sew ribbons and elastics on pointe shoes)

– Quilting Thread (in white, black, and European pink – stronger than regular thread and great for mending holes or rips in tights and leotards)

– Sewing Needles (at least two)

– Mini Scissors

– Thimble (getting through the layers of fabric in pointe shoes is not easy)

– Disposable Lighter (*carefully and quickly* running the flame along the edge of raw cut ribbons, tights, etc. will keep them from fraying)


– Advil

– Deodorant

– Extra Tights (pink)

– Extra Leotard

– Ballet Skirts

– Icy Hot (roll-on style)

– Disposable Razor (for last minute underarm trimming)

– Current and Extra Shoes (in addition to the main shoes that are in use, having an old pair of flat shoes and an old pair of pointe shoes is good for backup)

– Theraband (or other exercise band)

– Infinity Style Yoga Strap (to help with stretching)

In addition to these essentials, there are other things I need to have with me but will get rotated out after every class or rehearsal: the tights and leotard I plan to wear that day; a reusable water bottle; and a hand towel for those extra hot and sweaty sessions. But having only those few items to worry about when I’m packing my bag, knowing the rest is already taken care of, makes it all so much easier.

Yay, ballet!


What’s in your dance bag? Are there any other essentials you’d recommend? 




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