Day of Crafts

This past Saturday in Norfolk, two of the first (and most established) breweries in the city both happened to be holding monumental events. The breweries are only a few minutes apart, thankfully, so we were easily able to partake in all of the festivities. Our first stop was Smartmouth Brewing to help them celebrate their … Continue reading Day of Crafts

Dance It Up: Autumn 2017

Every season, I write a column for the online magazine, In this column I run down, in detail, the local dance events that are coming up in the next month or two. Most columns also include an interview or preview related to one of the events. Click here to read this season's edition.

Wild Horses

While on our trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in August, we had the chance to go on a wild horse expedition. The northern coastal areas of North Carolina and the southern coastal area of Virginia have groups of horses that live in the wild under a protected status. The horses that are … Continue reading Wild Horses